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If you’re unhappy with your life or perhaps you have an issue with who you are and want to change whatever the case is start to set a goal toward change.

I hear too often that it’s next to impossible to change, granted it isn’t easy to make life changes, it takes work on your part. I’m not here to say anything is easy, hell nothing worth doing in this life is easy.

If it’s an addiction of some sort or your demeanor you are capable of change. Don’t surrender or give up because it’s too hard, and don’t look at anything as impossible, look at it as a challenge and step up to the plate, to begin the process of changing. If you do need help, find that help as long as you get it done it doesn’t matter how you got there it’s getting there that matters.

Do not set your goals too lofty or unattainable because you want to change all at once. Pull back, look at it as a journey, and start slowly by taking baby steps. As you see yourself making the changes you desire or need you will feel encouraged that change is not as impossible as you once thought.

It takes determination, persistence, and the drive to get there. Once your hopelessness begins to dissolve and the world of change is at your fingertips be proud of what you’re accomplishing.

Start the journey today don’t put it off until tomorrow because tomorrow will never come, make plans for tomorrow because, all you have is today, as today becomes tomorrow you will soon realize there is no stopping you, and the only thing stopping you was you.

Once this becomes abundantly clear you can and are making the changes you want there will be no stopping you.

Don’t believe the scenario dished out that no one can change, you are who you are, that is a fool’s destiny you’re no fool and prove them wrong, make your life what it can be, what you want, and never settle.

Before you realize it, you have become the person you desire and will see the journey is worth it.

Always be hopeful, never hopeless. Always be optimistic never pessimistic it’s the only way to live.

Bob Buchanan

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