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When a client calls to book me, I often ask how they found me because I do not advertise. Many stories include how they ran into someone or called a friend about something else and how I came up in the conversation.

One recent example is a woman who was thinking a lot about her dad for several weeks, reached out to her dads, former co-worker with questions about financial matters involving her dad. That person happened to be my client … go figure … as they were talking my client told her about me and told her she should speak with me. She did and her dad came through very strong with amazing messages for her.

The point is, it is the souls around you who want to talk to you that will get that message in some way or bring me or you to a place I am at. Another example of this is, I was at an event when a young man came through. The mother and her two sisters decided to come at the last moment. Her son came through to me and gave his mom and one aunt messages. In situations like that, I don’t say everything I get, especially at events. He told me he died of a drug overdose. His mom knew how he died so I didn’t say it in front of a group of strangers. Why did he get his mom and aunt there, he knew they needed to laugh and he did just that, he got them laughing, and that is why he brought them to me. The other sister wasn’t that close her messages were short.  

Remember no matter what we have free will but when they want you to talk to me, not so much. They are determined you hear from them and will find a way for you to get their message.

I hope this doesn’t sound conceited it’s just how people find me; it’s happened too often for me to dismiss it. I have written about several other events where a soul has gotten my client to me in my other books. I understand or should I say I finally am accepting everything happens for a reason, yeah it took me a while sometimes I’m a little slow in the uptake, but I’m there now that is all that matters.

My business has been built on 95% word of mouth. Word of mouth is often someone talking about me to someone they may or not know. I don’t advertise, the only thing I do is post on social media.

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