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Those of you who know me know I’m not a new agie guy, hell not even close, I don’t live in Rainbow Town on a unicorn farm.

I am a logical guy who doesn’t form opinions nor do I judge anyone, it’s not my calling to judge but to help others on their journey no matter what it is.


Doing this I pick up on things for example, I have found people who live in the past tend to be depressed or those who live only for tomorrow are anxious (I will address this in another writing).

If you live in the past, holding grudges, wanting to get even or take revenge and punish those who you feel have treated you wrong, leads to a more complex depression. Living in the past with that frame of mind you will never find joy, your passion will be non-existent. Today is all you have, and being consumed by yesterday your today will be meaningless and non-fruitful. Your day will be empty and filled with anger. Anger although it has a purpose at times destroys your passion, when you live with anger your life is over.

It’s impossible to find any happiness, not that you need to be happy all the time, but it helps you feel better and live without depression. No depression the clearer you see life for what it can be. That is the key to life and having a better life, a fuller life.

Once you have chosen to go down the ugly path (yes, it is your choice) of destruction all is lost your relationships eventually are destroyed and people move away from you or keep you at a distance.

You will overcome the anger, hate, and resentment, if you stop focusing on the past as bad, and look at everything as lessons and how it brought you through life and made you stronger.   

  Try this, it should help, write down the events of the past that have made you angry, and talk about how you continue to live negatively today. Then answer it, and start acknowledging what good has come of it. Don’t say there is no good because it’s there, find it. By living in that negative world for so long it has become buried, suppressed deep in the crevices of your brain. If you continue living that old life you become a victim of your past, stop being a victim you can do it and you will be happy you did. Look at it as one of the most important challenges of your life it will not be easy but worthwhile.

  It is not possible to see yesterday with today’s eyes, let it go, remember yesterday is gone you can’t change it & tomorrow is never coming all you have is today, plan for tomorrow but do not live in for it.

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