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When I do a session, I tell my clients to not say anything except yes, no, or maybe to any question I ask, which is, “does that make sense to you.” after I tell them something I’m seeing or hearing from the souls. However, toward the end the session and once they received the messages from their loved ones, I will ask them if they have any questions. At this point in the session is where I let them talk whether its asking questions or just want to say something.

Very often when my client says something the souls lead me toward something other than what they were telling me earlier in the session.  A perfect example of this, I was speaking to a client Joann whose ex-husband John came through for her. Even after they split up they continued to be friends. It was clear that John wasn’t the most loyal husband and had put her through a lot. If I remember correctly, which is rare for me, sorry, back to my point. John was bipolar which caused him to have a sexual addiction a difficult life for any partner. John came to apologize to Joann in his own way letting her know it was a mental illness that caused his behavior. Joann accepted his apology and told me that was a long time ago and she had moved on. Once Joann received her messages, I asking her if she has questions or any comments when I do this the souls, John in this case, will take a new direction away from their earlier messages.

In this case, Joann began talking about a cat she has coming around her house. Right away, her ex showed me a very light cat and I asked if the cat was very light in color. She confirmed the cat was white, she wanted to know if John brought the cat. I told her he did, he was showing me the cat that’s how I knew it was light in color. He liked cats, this one in particular because the cat shows up at Joann’s for a while then leaves and will show up again in a few days. The behavior of this cat, is just like him when he was here. He knew she would get it and she did, I just validated what she believed.

Very often the souls will guide wildlife and other animals to us to let us know they are with us. They often show up when we need a sign from them to let us know they are around and watching over us, especially when we need it the most. Some will say they take the form of that animal, I am completely convinced that doesn’t happen no matter what others say.

When something like this happens and you feel it is someone you want to hear from, believe what you are thinking because that is how they talk to us, through a momentary passing though.

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