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            There are a lot of unexplained things that have occurred in my house, I have had a thermostat turned up to 100 degrees in July when it was about 90, this was an older thermostat that had the dial you turn, it couldn’t have happened by accident, as we were moving in. I have had doors open & deck chairs move in the middle of the night that is just some of the things that have occurred at my house. 

However, on Wednesday prior to Memorial Day Weekend, this got my attention, yes, I am oblivious to events such as these, hell, full disclosure I am oblivious to almost everything. I never give these events much thought but this time it slapped me awake.

I was preparing dinner; a new recipe I had for chicken. when I cook, I put all the ingredients the recipe calls for out on the counter, this day was no different. I pulled everything except the wine from my cabinet. The wine was stored about 10 feet away in a metal wine basin along with a box and several other wines. We had an old small American there as well. I removed the wine by neck & took it over to the prep area and placed it with the other ingredients on the counter toward the back. As I used the ingredients, I would put them away including the wine.

After our meal, I thoroughly cleaned the area where I prepared the dish with disinfectants Taking extra precautions because I prepared chicken. At this point there was nothing on the counter, after we ate dinner … and the new recipe was a winner if I do say so myself … I proceeded to clean the dishes and get them into the dishwasher. As I was doing this my back was to the counter where I did the prep. When I was finished, cleaning up & putting the dishes in the dishwasher I turned around. Sitting right in the middle of where I had the cutting board was the flag. I jumped, I was shocked it was there, being the only one around I knew I didn’t put it there.

My wife came into the kitchen a minute later, I asked her if she knew where the flag was as I had no idea, again clueless. She told me it was in the basin by the wine. She said it must have stuck to the bottle. First, I would have noticed that, second it would have been in my way if it had been attached to the bottle. I looked into every possibility eliminating every scenario. I couldn’t figure it out that night it wasn’t until Sunday Memorial Day, weekend that it hit me.

My dad a WWII veteran came to me to tell me it was him, with him as this hit me were many other soldiers many of whom had been with me before. They are letting me know something is coming, and the troops are massing, what it is has yet to be seen, but something is coming. It will ultimately be good.    

Bob Buchanan

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