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When I start a session, I explain how I work, it takes less than a minute. As I do the souls for my client begin to assemble. One of the things I say is, “Whatever they tell me I am staying with what they say, not what you say.”

That isn’t easy for me to do a great example of this is, I told two clients they had brothers they insisted they didn’t & they should know, right? I agree they would, but what happened in both their cases, within a few weeks after our session they found out they had brothers, or half-brothers actually either through DNA 23 & me or they were contacted by the brother.

Another way this happens is I will say something to a client and they will say it never happened. What I have learned is it may simply mean something else not exactly what I was seeing or how I was seeing it.

 In the most recent event, I told a client I saw his father pushing him away as he was on the phone and my client was trying to talk to him. My client advised me he was never that abusive. Because I don’t let my clients expand until the end of our session, my client knew exactly what that meant but couldn’t tell me. I do this to allow the souls to tell me things in their own way, and in their own time. It turned out that his father became estranged from the family. When my client reached out by phone to his father, his father refused to talk to him. My client knew that was what it meant.

I tell you this story because it is how the souls communicate, it isn’t like you see on TV where the celebrity medium already knows the story, I do not. I listen to the souls tell me in their way and I respect that.

As I tell my clients, it often doesn’t make sense to me, but it will make sense to them. All that matters to me is my client gets something from our session whether it is the closure or information they needed to be confirmed.

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