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 On occasion, people come to me who are only interested in hearing from one soul. When that happens the soul, they want to hear from is the one who shows up. It happens every time with me, now before you assume my ego is getting the better of me let me explain.

I believe the souls are the reason people find me, again not my ego, I come to this conclusion only after doing this over the years of how people find to me. I do not advertise, yes, I have a social media presence & a webpage. People have walked into stores where I had been working not know why they came in only to get messages from a loved one who passed.

 Now all that being said I come to the point of this article if you approach a reading or session as I call it with the mindset you only want to hear from Aunt Betty or uncle Bill and think you can control who comes through by denying knowing the souls who are coming through it will pause or even stop the session because it puts pressure on the provider. The provider may feel they aren’t connecting with you and your souls and they may end the session. I have come close to that myself when I have people that are so skeptical and refuse to answer a simple yes or no question such as, does that make sense to you.

Have faith the soul will connect so just be patient let things happen as they may. I recently had a session where I was with a group of people who were interested in just one soul. Because I don’t ask who they want to connect with I was not aware of this. I like to let the souls around my client come through organically. During this session I had several souls come through.  I knew it was for the people there but they kept saying they had no idea who the souls are. I was just about to tell them I couldn’t read for them the soul realized he better come save the day came in a very strong way. They got most of the messages they needed he didn’t answer a few questions it may be because he & I were tired from working so hard to get them to accept him finally that he just couldn’t answer them.

The point is if you’re coming to hear something specific like a certain aspect of your life and they aren’t telling you that yet just give them time they will get to it on their own time. If you’re not hearing from the souls you want to hear from again just settle back relax and listen from those who are coming through and know if they didn’t come through right away, they will, even if after some time has gone by I will ask you is there someone who hasn’t come to us you wanted to hear just give me their 1st name. Once the name is mentioned the soul at least to this day they have always come through. 

My sessions are a journey, not a destination, have faith in the souls & me if you will & you will get the messages you need.

Bob Buchanan

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