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When things happen and the souls give me & my client signs, I look to prove it is signs, not something normal happening. Far too many people believe everything is a sign that is not true so I question everything. This story is a perfect example of how I approach signs.

 I arrive at my client’s to-do 5–30-minute session early on a Saturday afternoon.

My host Ken & his wife Valerie greet me and they ask me where I would like to sit to do the sessions.  It doesn’t matter where I sit & I advised them of that, we settle on the dining room. We sat at a large table with a light fixture above it. They told me Katie & Kathy who are coming to have sessions are running late.

Once Katie & Kathy arrived, they decided on the order they will come and sit with me. Katie will sit with me first, then Ken, Kathy, Samantha & finally Valery.

Almost as soon as we started Kates Grandmother, moms mom, with whom she was very close & the one Katie want to hear from the most was the first in for Katie, Grandma as in life didn’t disappoint Katie bringing meaningful messages for her. As the messages began to flow the light above us began to flicker.

Valerie had a candle burning on the table in the dining room next to me however I was in my zones & thought the flickering was from the candle, I hadn’t realized it was the light above us. Once her great Grandmother came in the flickering increased. It wasn’t until this point when I realized it was the light above us & not the candle as I had assumed. Great Grandma realized I wasn’t getting it and decided to up the game to grab my attention. Sometimes I’m a little slow on the uptake as I am zoned into the souls & their messages. Once the pair were finished giving us messages for Katie the flickering stopped. Although  I still wasn’t getting it.

Ken, was the next in, Ken’s dad, mother & Grandmother came in his dad being the dominant soul. as the messages flowed, I realized the light hadn’t acted up at all during Ken’s session. I hadn’t given the light much more thought figuring it was wiring or a bulb issue with the light causing it to flicker like that.

Kathy, Katie’s sister came in next after Ken, Kathy’s dads’ mother come through 1st, but as her moms’ mother came through for Kathy the same Grandma who was here for Katie the light began to act up again. I began to take notice & smiled knowing it was Grandma. One would think that the souls would tell me it’s them doing that as a sign but they don’t although I was getting they would light a light for her, I didn’t put two & two together. As Great Grandma came through and the messages were winding down is when I noticed the light acting up again.

Now I mention the lights to Kathy & told her I am pretty sure It was Grandma & Great Grandma. However, before I would accept the light is a sign from the souls I waited until all the sessions were over. After finishing the sessions with Valerie & Samantha and the light didn’t act up, I was convinced it was Grandma. You may think I’m supposed to know these things and yes I do, it’s just that I am a bit of a skeptic and I refuse to say anything that may not be facts. I take my time I look at everything before deciding. When the flickering light was only for Katie & Kathy I had no doubt it was for them.

This isn’t about me and my ego this is about my client & before I declare something as a sign, I check all the boxes.

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