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Because there is no science, studies, or proof what many mediums tell clients is based on theories, not studies or even logic, information is parroted from one Provider to the next. Many believe it sounds good and adopt it without thinking & rarely apply logic to the theories. Yes, many things have happened to me that are unexplained such as phones acting up, texts coming from nowhere some making sense others don’t,  voices between myself & my client while on the phone or Animals & birds acting up, lights going on & off as well.

Sage burning, or smudging, is a sacred practice that can be traced back through many cultures, over thousands of years. The idea is that smoke is purifying because it captures the “bad energy” and then “ascends to the heavens.” Incense or herbal smoke is most commonly used – be it by Buddhists, Catholics, Maoris, or Native Americans. Think about this, what prevents a smoke that can capture bad energy from capturing good energy? Apply logical critical thinking.

Crystals are another thing I question, I have been given many crystals which I am told will serve a purpose like finding love or money but none have ever done anything the claims say it will produce for me.

I also hear things that I find amazing, for example, I hear we must wait at least 1 year when a person passes before, they will come to us. There are a few reasons given, such as they need to rest or recover from this life. Souls have come to me a week after, even the same day they have passed. I believe this is spread around so TV personalities can do a search on the client and see who passed and any circumstances to their passing & their lives with the client. If someone tells you this move away from them in my opinion they are not real.

I have also, been told by clients on occasion their spouse doesn’t want me to come to their house. The reason is they believe I will bring “spirits” with me and they will stay after I leave. Ahh nooo, the truth is the souls are there when I get there & stay when I leave. The souls are the people who were once here for you. They watch out over you help you get through things; they bring me to the clients in many ways mostly through referrals or sometimes the person will just show up at a place where I am for no apparent or explainable reason, that is the souls bring that person to me so they can hear messages. I never advertise, it’s like poof here I am, neither of us knows why until the messages they were meant to hear have been received.

If you test the souls, they don’t like that. They will give you enough proof and expect you to accept that. After our session, my client will know exactly who the souls who are with us are. The more you test them the less they are there for us you are asking them to use more energy than is necessary they want you to believe in them.

They are not guardian angels, they are souls, they do watch out for us but we do not become angels. I also had a few people tell me not to do readings when they are pregnant, What?!? Seriously I have done many sessions with pregnant women over the years and they all delivered healthy babies.

I have no idea why many mediums or” Psychics” do that but don’t be gullible, question everything, and never never tell a medium anything until you are sure they are real.   

These are just a few things to watch for when dealing with practitioners in this modality who claim they have the gift.  As you can tell by now, I live in the logical world which is important my clients hear messages they need to hear not what I believe they want to hear or some as I say hocus pocus that may sound good but will not make sense. Again, practitioners who question you a lot & tell you what you want to hear are not real, question everything when it comes to this.

Finally, the practitioner either hears the voices or not you can’t take classes or study under anyone. I see them in a faded B&W movie and they speak to me in whispers. I firmly believe God grants those of us who are genuine the ability to hear & see the souls,  I simply relay the messages to my client from the souls in the movie.

I never get dark messages, I hear others give dark messages I believe they also are not real, the souls don’t come with dark messages but that is an article for another time.

I stay grounded to help ground my clients. I thank God every day for the ability he has granted me to help others. The best way I describe who I am & how I work, simply put, I do not live in Rainbowtown on a unicorn farm with a crystal garden.

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