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I don’t mind people being skeptical hell I am somewhat of a skeptic myself. Now that being said, all I ask when being hired for a session or sitting for a session is the skeptic be open enough to see what comes out. As long as that is the extent of their skepticism, I am good.

 However, when someone is there to prove me a fake or looks for the messages to be wrong that’s an issue. I understand there are more fakes than actually gifted mediums is why I’m good with a healthy skeptic and can understand the reason behind the questioning.

During a recent session with Joann & Jim, Jim was extremely skeptical and tried to misdirect me. He refused to answer a simple question.

During the session, I was receiving messages for Jim but he was closed down and very skeptical. I told Jim had a tall serious man with me who was saying dad and I knew it was Jim’s father. This soul kept saying, dad. I asked Jim if his dad was passed? Jim said I’m not telling you anything. He didn’t realize the souls sometimes show me someone who is here. I knew it was his dad but Jim wouldn’t acknowledge the soul.

At that point I turned to Joann and continued with her messages from her dad and a few other souls including her mom when I asked if what I was giving her made sense, (I ask clients to say yes, no, or maybe to all questions & not expand) She would look at Jim before she answered then said that could be a lot of people. I narrowed the messages & got specific, even with that I was getting the same answer from her.

It was at this point I was finding it too difficult and was about to give up & tell them I couldn’t get anything for them when her dad who refused to give up told me to hang in there, she would get it.

I listened to her dad & she began to open up to the messages & our session began to flow. As I was almost done Jim’s dad came to me with more about who he was and Jim had to finally acknowledge the messages from dad and a few others who came in at the point.

I have over time dealt with several skeptics. Because I put so much pressure on myself to get strong important messages for my clients it can cause the messages to come much slower yet they still come. I speak about other situations in my video.

You should believe, be cautious yes but be open, you will get more from the souls.

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