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The obvious; whenever someone loses a child there is always a piece missing. This is the case with Judy who told me she is broken. This is part of what occurred during our session.

 I never know what will be important to my client, often it’s a little thing that hits the hardest. During a session recently with Judy her son Anthony came in, as did her mother and father.

He mother was first in, and brought Judy Anthony with her, he did not let me know who he was until her dad came through When dad came through, he had a big smile and a laugh which indicates to me he had a sense of humor which Judy validated. Both mom and dad gave me a number of messages for Judy which she validated.

Once Anthony let us know who he was, he took the dominant role giving us important messages for Judy. However, it was one small movie he played for me that really brightened Judy’s eyes. Anthony pulled a large wad of cash out of his pocket telling me about a sports car, he was going to buy but didn’t. I told her he had the money held together with a rubber band and talked about needing a rubber band to hold his cash together. Judy smiled a large bright smile. She told me about a fancy race car which the owner sold out from under him and his son.

The rubber bands, he was always asking if Judy had rubber bands for him to hold his money together while he was here. That small movie gave Judy a great deal of comfort, I have to say I surprised how significant this small thing was to Judy. Even with all the other messages from all the souls including Anthony it was the rubber bands that really hit a cord with Judy.

Judy told me she was broken since his passing and the session gave her some comfort. If that is all I can do for a parent who has lost a child, I feel blessed I can bring them a little peace even if it’s just for a few short moments.

2 thoughts on “ATHONY’S RUBBER BANDS

  • Hi Bob Buchanan,
    I have head of you from Kathy Rocco and Joanne Davis. They both think highly of you.
    For a while now I have been feeling the need to have a session. Although there are some who I would love to have contact with, I feel that someone that I haven’t thought of may like to contact me for some reason.

    Who knows but my gut is strong so perhaps there is an important message.
    I don’t know how to arrange for a session, I am most anxious to do so. I am happy in person or on the phone.
    Would you let me know availability, fees and ways of paying fees.
    My very best wishes,
    Veronica Cook

    • Please call me we can set up aan appointment either phone or in person depending on where you are. When you call please do not give me any information about yourself and when we meet I will ask you do the same. Thank Kathy & Joanne for the referral, thank you, Bob 914-879-1115

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