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Frankie was considering taking his life

Frankie’s mom Carla a client called me telling me she is worried about him because he was not in a good place.

I immediately heard the soft voice telling me Frankie was considering suicide. I told that to Carla who freaked out because she had been a client and knows how accurate I was with her. I told her she needs to get him help or I would see him to me and I would see if I could reach him.

A few days later Frankie called to set up an appointment. We met in a parking lot of a Dunkin Donuts in New Rochelle, Frankie is a tough kid and had an attitude about this. He only showed up for his mother insisted. He got out of his car leaned against his car arms folded. He was saying through his attitude, ok I’m here lay your bs on me and I’ll be on my way. His grandfather a very strong soul was with me prior to his arrival giving me messages.

I didn’t even do my opening about how it works for me. I got right into Frankie’s face pointed at him and said with a stern fast voice, “You’re sitting in your room crying, you are going to your grandfathers grave asking him if it’s ok to come to him.” I told him it’s not ok he has to stay here.

With that Frankie’s face changed his arm dropped and he looked as though he was stunned and shook his head yes. Because he was in such a bad place over a recent break up, we continued to do support sessions and spoke on the phone every night either text or voice until I was able to reach him for over a year.

Frankie’s engagement was ended by his fiancé, it took some doing but I reached Frankie telling him exactly who she was. His fiancé was also not in a good place I explained to him who she really was and what he missed.  Frankie resisted when he got messages about her and their relationship. Like most people Frankie wanted to hear what he wanted to here, he was hoping for a Hallmark moment where she would come running back to him and they would live happily ever after. I have to tell people what the souls want you to hear not what you want to hear.

It is my work with Frankie that is the reason I do not like to do relationships. I have at least two others who I gave messages to who not only have chosen to ignore the messages but try to prove me wrong. They also stop coming to me which I am fine with, I don’t like or want to give messages that people refuse to believe. Honestly there is no ego here so I hope my messages I give them are wrong for their sake but I fear they are not. I can only give people what I hear no matter what they want to hear.

Frankie’s initial session was about five plus years ago, we still talk and have become friends. Frankie still breaks my chops about how right on the message were. He is also very supportive; he gets me and knows how I often question myself. It turns out everything I told him was true. He resisted .many of the messages about the relationship, he did his best to prove me wrong, not in a malicious way, like many he just wanted what he wanted I appreciate and understand why people do it because perhaps things can be wrong we just don’t have all the answers.

We have free will but I do hope people keep an open mind about the messages they get, and proceed with at least caution.  

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