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Cancer-free by February

                                Cancer-free by February?                                                             From Catherine’s dad      As time went by and my gifts as a caulbearer grew Wayne eventually would ask me how many of his healing were going or went. One such event was his work on Catherine who had stage four cancer throughout her body. I would give him what[…]


                                                        There are times when I hear a common phrase from the souls but I often do not say it. I react to the skeptics who are always trying to prove us to be fake by saying everyone would use that phrase or say this or that. Because it is important to me that[…]

Happy Birthday Alice from Jimmy

I was doing a session with a Alice who just lost her husband Jimmy at a very young age, she had never done this before and was very skeptical. Her messages were strong and very accurate for her. Her husband Jimmy showed me a cell phone and told me to tell her he would communicate[…]

House Clearings

I have done several house clearings, almost all were relatives of the people in the house just letting them know they are there for them. There are a lot of myths around this. I have never gotten evil from the other side and I am sure evil goes to the dark once they cross over[…]