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Bluebirds Flocked To Me A Sign

The souls guide wildlife, birds often, to you. My road is a rural road, mostly woods with a few homes. This is not a habitat in which bluebirds live. I have been working with bluebirds at the Rockefeller State Park as a volunteer for many years. I survey the nest boxes keeping track of the[…]

I couldn’t stop moving my Hands

I was doing a session with Mary, her sister-in-law referred her to me. During our session, her dad who had just passed came through immediately. He was clearly the one she was most interested in talking to and he didn’t disappoint her. As anyone who knows me, knows I do not remember the messages I[…]

I never know what anyone heritage is if I did it wouldn’t matter

I was having a conversation with several clients after doing several sessions at a party. They were telling me about a medium some of them went to see at a party. I know this medium and do not view her in a positive way, as I have heard many, not just a few bad reviews[…]

The Redtail Hawk Came To Me

                As I have said many times before, I am somewhat skeptical when it comes to signs for me, don’t ask me why. I mean, I know everyone else gets them but when it comes to myself it is hard for me to believe them. For approximately two and a half years I worked with[…]