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The souls Hide Their Identity Things are changing for me

I have to respect the souls and their wishes, sometimes they don’t want me to know who they were while they were here and other times, they want me to meet with their loved ones sooner than I planned. This is about both situations. I recently did a phone session with someone who had a[…]


                                                                          Because there is no science, studies, or proof what many mediums tell clients is based on theories, not studies or even logic, information is parroted from one Provider to the next. Many believe it sounds good and adopt it without thinking & rarely apply logic to the theories. Yes, many things have happened[…]

I’m always looking for proof

I received a call from a psychologist (let’s call him Joe as I do not remember his name), Joe started the conversation by saying he had read an article on me in the paper. I immediately thought that was 6 weeks ago I doubt he did but I entertained him. Joe continued, I’m 80 years[…]

Signs from a Red-spotted Ambassador

As soon as I stepped on my front door today I noticed a Red-spotted ambassador butterfly just sitting there on my step. It didn’t move at all, although they are common this is my first time seeing one. I noticed how beautiful this butterfly is In all its Glory the beautiful colors brought my attention[…]

My life as a Caul bearer

This video is a little about me being a Caul. People come to me hoping to get answers to something they may be going through. It could be very heavy or light, no matter what it is it’s important to you my client so it’s important to me. I take every client seriously and deliver[…]

The souls can only guide us

Many who come to me seek information about their future. They want to know if they are going to be successful at one thing or another.  Seeing that is completely up to the souls, at times I see something will work for my client. I have seen a successful career at writing, art, and a[…]

Bluebirds Flocked To Me A Sign

The souls guide wildlife, birds often, to you. My road is a rural road, mostly woods with a few homes. This is not a habitat in which bluebirds live. I have been working with bluebirds at the Rockefeller State Park as a volunteer for many years. I survey the nest boxes keeping track of the[…]

Suicides Not Really

Sometimes when the movie plays, I expect what I am seeing to continue to develop in the direction it started moving toward, then suddenly it takes a turn and I get something I never expected. The first time this happened was with a client who is from Italy.  Sam approached me at the trap club[…]

A family Gallery, a first

                               Yesterday for the first time ever I did a Gallery on the phone with a family. Linda who I had done a session before, booked a session for her and her sister on the phone. When Linda called not only was her sister Lucy on the call but their husbands as well. Doing the[…]

How car glass breaks

Joann was told her daughter died in a horrific accident

During a phone session with Joann, a young woman who turned out to be my Joann’s daughter came through to me showing she passed suddenly in an auto accident. I was getting a headache and saw her head hit something inside a vehicle, once I realized it was a car accident, she began giving me[…]