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I See Horses

                               I see horses….. Just yesterday, while sitting with a client, her dad showed ma a farm where he took care of horses. I told what I was seeing and she validated her dad had horses. After our session she showed me around her house. There in the kitchen were photographs of a him with[…]

Colorful Horses                                                  I was sitting doing a session with Melissa, one of the souls and the most important soul for Melissa to hear from who came through was her dad. Her dad gave me several messages about her life and how close to him she was, she took care of him and still missed[…]

Messages after I leave my client

                                          In this video I speak about a few situations that occurred. I kept the stories short so this writing will be a bit long. There are times when a soul from a session the day maybe week before will come back to me and give me more information. I will reach out to my[…]