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I saw two moms

                                                                     As I started my session with Linda, I had a woman come in, she was on the tall side thin but I heard “mom” twice, I asked Linda if that made any sense, and she said it did. I asked Linda if her mom had passed and if the description sounded like her[…]

Cancer-free by February

                                Cancer-free by February?                                                             From Catherine’s dad      As time went by and my gifts as a caulbearer grew Wayne eventually would ask me how many of his healing were going or went. One such event was his work on Catherine who had stage four cancer throughout her body. I would give him what[…]

2 sessions 2 children died of fentanyl poisoning

Fentanyl positioning I was doing a session with Elizabeth; Elizabeth had lost a son Jimmy to what appeared a drug overdose. Many in her family were accusing him of suicide. Jimmy let me know to no uncertain terms it was fentanyl. I told that to Elizabeth, she was somewhat relieved but still wasn’t sure what[…]

Happy Birthday Alice from Jimmy

I was doing a session with a Alice who just lost her husband Jimmy at a very young age, she had never done this before and was very skeptical. Her messages were strong and very accurate for her. Her husband Jimmy showed me a cell phone and told me to tell her he would communicate[…]

Signs from a Red-spotted Ambassador

As soon as I stepped on my front door today I noticed a Red-spotted ambassador butterfly just sitting there on my step. It didn’t move at all, although they are common this is my first time seeing one. I noticed how beautiful this butterfly is In all its Glory the beautiful colors brought my attention[…]

Bluebirds Flocked To Me A Sign

The souls guide wildlife, birds often, to you. My road is a rural road, mostly woods with a few homes. This is not a habitat in which bluebirds live. I have been working with bluebirds at the Rockefeller State Park as a volunteer for many years. I survey the nest boxes keeping track of the[…]

This Feeling I Call The Bobby Ojeda

All my life even before I knew what was actually going on with me I would get these feelings, a voice, I never understood. It showed me what was coming and, what I needed to understand preparing me for what was coming. I understand everyone gets the feeling the Jane is going to call or[…]

Suicides Not Really

Sometimes when the movie plays, I expect what I am seeing to continue to develop in the direction it started moving toward, then suddenly it takes a turn and I get something I never expected. The first time this happened was with a client who is from Italy.  Sam approached me at the trap club[…]